Tiny House Regulations in Missouri: Navigating Zoning and Building Codes

Are you considering the tiny house lifestyle in the state of Missouri? Understanding the regulations that govern tiny homes in the Show-Me State is essential. Join us as we explore the key aspects of building and living in a tiny house in Missouri.

Zoning Laws: Local Determinants

Tiny house legality in Missouri is subject to local zoning ordinances. The regulations can vary widely based on individual cities, towns, and counties. In many rural areas of Missouri with minimal or no zoning laws and building codes, tiny-home living can be relatively straightforward.

Minimum Square Footage: Flexibility Prevails

Missouri does not have a statewide minimum square footage requirement for tiny houses, providing flexibility for those interested in this lifestyle. However, the Missouri IRC (International Residential Code) suggests a minimum of 120 square feet for one habitable room, with any additional room having at least 70 square feet.

Room Requirements: Adhering to IRC Code

Tiny homes in Missouri must meet specific IRC Code standards:

  • Living areas should have a ceiling height of at least 6 feet 8 inches.

  • Bathrooms and kitchens may have a ceiling height of 6 feet 4 inches.

Bathroom Regulations: A Full Bathroom Requirement

A full bathroom with a ceiling height of approximately 6 feet 4 inches is a requirement for tiny homes in Missouri.

Kitchen Regulations: No Specific Guidelines

While there are no specific kitchen regulations mentioned in available sources, built-in kitchen equipment is typically excluded from the living area in tiny houses of less than 320 square feet.

Living Room Regulations: Absence of Specific Guidelines

No specific regulations for living rooms in tiny homes are mentioned in the sources.

Loft Considerations: Meeting Minimum Requirements

Lofts in Missouri must have a minimum floor area of 35 square feet. Stairs leading up to a loft should be at least 20 inches wide below the handrail and at least 17 inches at or above it.

Foundation vs. Wheels: A Choice for Tiny House Enthusiasts

Missouri accommodates both traditional tiny houses on foundations and tiny houses on wheels (THOWs). THOWs, meeting specific criteria such as a living area of less than 320 square feet (excluding built-in equipment) and being towed by a motorized vehicle, may not require a special highway permit.

Plumbing and Electricity: Local Compliance Required

For plumbing and electrical work in your tiny home, adherence to local regulations and codes is essential. You may need to connect your tiny home to the local sewage system or install a septic tank. All work related to electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems should be completed and inspected by licensed contractors.

Please note that while this information provides a general guide, specific regulations can vary within different parts of Missouri. Always consult with local authorities to ensure full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. For comprehensive and up-to-date information, consulting a legal professional or a reputable tiny house builder in Missouri is advisable.