Exploring Tiny House Living in New Mexico: A Guide to Planning your House up to Code.

Interested in the tiny house lifestyle in New Mexico? Here's an essential guide to the building codes and requirements you need to know.

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Zoning Laws: Understanding Your Legal Landscape

  • Local Regulations: Tiny houses are legal in New Mexico, but local zoning laws vary. Check your city or county for specific restrictions.

Tiny House Size Requirements

  • Size: A Tiny house is defined as residential structures of 400 square feet or less (excluding lofts). Of course this could be bigger.

Essential Room Regulations

  • Main Room Dimensions: At least 70 square feet, with a minimum length and width of 7 feet.

  • Living Area and Hallways: Ceiling height must be at least 6 feet 8 inches.

Bathroom and Kitchen Must-Haves

  • Bathroom Necessities: A toilet, sink, and a bath or shower with hot and cold water.

  • Kitchen Basics: Hot and cold water supply, with no additional specific regulations.

Loft Considerations:

  • Loft dimensions: The floor space must be at least 35 sq. ft. with no sides being less than 5 ft. but the ceiling height have no requirements. We recommend at least a 5 foot clearing.

Foundation vs. Wheels:

  • Tiny House on Wheels: If your tiny house is constructed on a chassis with a permanent axle, it is considered a recreational vehicle and must meet codes and licensing requirements for such vehicles as long as the axle remains in place.

  • Tiny House on Ground: If the axles are removed your unit must be placed on supports (a foundation), and it must comply with code requirements for tiny houses placed on a permanent foundation.

Plumbing and Electricity:

  • Plumbing your Tiny: Each tiny home must have sanitary facilities and plumbing fixtures connected to an approved sewage system. Electrical systems should comply with local building codes.


Understanding New Mexico's tiny house regulations is essential before embarking on your tiny house journey. Remember that regulations can vary by location, so always check with local authorities for the most up-to-date information.